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Achieving Fluency in a Language


The best way to improve one’s’ fluency in any language is to speak the language.Try to speak the language even if you make mistakes. As kids when we learnt our mother tongue we did make mistakes and learnt to speak better thereafter, did we not? Focus on speaking fluently rather than on grammar. Grammar will catch up with you as you progress further. If you do not find others to talk to, try talking to yourself, maybe in front of a mirror, but keep speaking.


Listening helps you to understand the language and improves your pronunciation. If you want to improve your English and you are a news-buff, listen to the news in your mother-tongue; thereafter try listening to the same regional/national news in English or the language of your choice. Initially you may find it very difficult, but in a few weeks, you will be able to understand a few sentences and as time goes by, you may only be listening to news in English. You may also listen to stories that you already know in the language you would like to improve your fluency in. We have published many stories in English for you to read, listen and learn English. Do try it for the other languages too! Even babies learn their native language by listening.


Read for pleasure not just to study the language. If you are interested in say cooking or sports, do read articles concerning these subjects in the language in which you desire to improve your fluency. Here you choose the subject of your interest and read without paying too much stress on grammar, vocabulary etc. Reading a story that you already know, in the new language also is sure shot way to achieving fluency. You will understand without having to revert to the dictionary at every point. Initially try to keep your articles and stories short till you achieve the desired fluency in the language.


Use YouTube videos, movies, dramas, documentaries, news channels to improve your fluency in the language of your choice. Movies with ‘sub-titles on’ are a great way of learning a language. You will also listen to a native speaker and the results are simply amazing! You may even watch sections of a movie with the script in writing and learn the language. If you are music lover, learn songs in the language that you want to develop fluency in. You will find yourself picking up new words and pronunciations with massive ease. Solomon Languages offers you many YouTube videos to improve your language fluency. Please subscribe and keep abreast!


It is very important for you to be consistent in your effort to develop you language fluency. Getting consistent exposure to the language, day after day, is what really makes you fluent in that language. And remember exposure is not just learning grammar and reading your language study books, it is all about listening to songs, movies, news bulletins in that language. Do whatever pleases you, but try to use the language you want to be fluent in on a regular basis. Try to dedicate at least an hour everyday to improve your language ability. It is entertainment and therefore your fun time.


Motivation is your willingness to do something. In this case stay motivated to learn the language. The first few weeks of effort will appear like a waste of time. Do not be disheartened! All of us went through this. Keep at it, try to religiously spend that 1 hour to improve your fluency in the language and you will soon find that you are making progress. Write down the reasons you want to develop fluency in the language and stick it on your mirror. Is it to get a better job opportunity? Is it to study abroad? Focus on the bigger picture. Staying Motivated is the key to success in learning a language.


For some of us grammar poses the biggest hurdle in our effort to speak a language fluently. As your language improves, let me give you a few tips to improve your grammar. Read the grammar rule especially for those you are repeatedly making mistakes in. Don’t try to understand it fully. Just get a basic understanding of the grammar. Next, make an audio recording of some of the grammar sentences. Listen to these example sentences many times. You may go back to the grammar rule to understand more, should you want to. But as you keep listening to these grammatically correct sentences over and over again, you will become perfect, even without realizing it...


Learn new words on a daily basis. But the last two steps are to be followed only after you have achieved a decent level of fluency in the language. Try to think of similar words. You may develop a habit of learning 3 new words every day. Form sentences with these words, record and keep hearing them. Our Learn English videos always give you new words to learn and add to your vocabulary.

If you start using a few of these tips you are bound to make a tremendous progress in your language learning. However, if you dedicate an hour a day and try to follow all the rules, the results are likely to be astounding. Try it and give us a feedback.... Your learning is our Goal.

BY Lily Shama George for Solomon Languages

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Xaver Führer
Xaver Führer
Jun 22, 2020

Hello Shama.

Yes the article or tips are very helpful for me.

I have understand the most words the article.

Important I have understand the meaning.

Thanks for help!

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