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Budding Poets - Young Learners

I AM.... by Sathvika JayGanesh

I am a girl

I like to swirl

I am kind

I have presence of mind

I am good

I love spicy food

I am honest

I like to camp in the forest

I love art

I have a good heart

I am nice

I like to play dice

I am caring

I like sharing

I am humble

I don't crumble

I am brave

Chocolates are what I crave

I am a girl

I like to swirl

I am kind

I have presence of mind - by Sathvika aged 10.


I AM.... by Saravana Balaji Sha

I am funny and kind

I wonder about my mind

I hear people shooting guns

I see a treasure chest

I want a beautiful PS5

I am funny and kind

I pretend to be a kid

I feel my parents hand

I touch a grain of sand

I worry about my friend

I cry for my favorite food

I am funny and kind

I understand that I have lied

I say I am going to do best

I dream for a good day

I try to get good grades

I hope I am good at math

I am funny and kind

By Saravana Shankar Sha Sulegar Balaji Sha aged 11.


Acrostic Poems - Dharshini C

Favorite Father

For me he is Dad

And he is not bad

Teaches me Japanese

Heart is full of candies

Encourages at games

Raja is the last name.

Lit Like Sparks

School bell rings like a locket

Cooling glass is in the pocket

Handicrafts in the school

Oh my God! It is cool

Obtain good marks

Lit like sparks.

Ripened Orange

On the tree

Ripened oranges were three

All the oranges

Not any damages

Given to the family

Everyone ate happily. - by Dharshini C aged 12.


I AM - by Vinay D

I am humble and honest

I wonder what would happen if the earth stops rotating

I can hear the trees cry

I see the moon's light

I want the earth clean

I am humble and honest

I pretend I am the earth

I feel something missing

I am polluted everyday

I worry about animals and plants

I cry for the next generation

I am humble and honest

I understand my mistake

I say no to plastic

I dream of a clean earth

I try to do my best

I hope everything becomes clean

I am humble and honest. - by Vinay D, aged 12.


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