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IntraPersonal Intelligence - A boon or a bane?

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Multiple Intelligence is the new buzz word in teaching methodologies.As we know each of us possess different intelligences in varying degrees. Dr Howard Gardner groups these intelligences as follows:

· Verbal and Linguistic Intelligence (word smart)

· Logical & Mathematical Intelligence (reasoning)

· Bodily and Kinesthetic Intelligence (body smart)

· Visual and Spatial Intelligence (picture smart)

· Musical and Rhythmic Intelligence (sound smart)

· Naturalistic Intelligence (nature smart)

· Interpersonal Intelligence (people smart)

· Intra-personal Intelligence (self smart) · Existential Intelligence (life smart)

I have been reflecting on Intra-personal Intelligence these past few days. People with Intra-personal intelligence are skilled at self-reflection, understand and appreciate their own strengths and weaknesses, feelings and motivations. Put simply, they know all about themselves.

People with high levels of this Intelligence have been called ‘Self-Smarts’…. We live in a world where success is of paramount importance and knowing oneself well is considered to be the first step in the ladder of success. Some of the characteristics associated with people exhibiting high levels of intrApersonal intelligence are that they are self-motivated, independent, to some extent introvert, organized, goal-oriented, confident, generally positive and skilled at self reflection.

Who are these people, who have low levels of intrA-personal intelligence? They appear calm on the surface, but know so less of themselves, that they are emotive and cannot explain it. They are personally stressed and pressured, highly empathetic, they can be crass, poor listeners and self-absorbed, incapable of being assertive, as they are unsure of themselves.

Boons & Banes of high level of IntrApersonal Intelligence:

The positives in those that possess this intelligence are that they are self-starters, independent and confident managers, having excellent critical thinking abilities, advisors and consultants and overall good communicators.

What are your thoughts on how this intelligence can be a bane? Are they too self-centred, overly assertive, conflict-prone, and autocratic with the notion that the world revolves around them, so full of themselves that it is difficult to let another’s idea or presence in…?

Of course all of us need to aspire for a balance between the Intra-personal and Interpersonal intelligences. This brings to the fore a versatile communicator, a calm, charismatic critical thinker with excellent people management and leadership skills.

Lily Shama George

Training Head & Soft skills Trainer

Solomon Languages

(Article was published in 2018 in Linked in by Ms LS George)

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