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Largest chunk of Erasmus scholarships for Indians as EU emerges among top campus destinations

Updated: Jul 16, 2022

Germany is emerging as a great destination for study and future settlement. Learning German offers great career prospects and we offer exceptional tutors in all four skills of the German language. Our students have completed all levels from A1 - beginner to C2 - Advanced [MA equivalent] and come out in flying colours. Do take the time to read this article on the scholarships available in Germany as brought out in the Times of India, July 2022 article.

For the second year in a row, Indian students have emerged as the top recipients of the prestigious Erasmus Mundus scholarships to study in universities in the European Union countries. Overall, the EU countries have emerged as popular destinations for Indian students over the past few years. A total of 161 Indian students, 88 of them women, have been awarded the prestigious Erasmus scholarships for degree programs starting in the academic year 2022-23. With this, India ranks first for the second consecutive year among 167 countries. Last year, the contingent was of 153 Indian students.
“I think this is a recognition of the academic excellence of Indian candidates and also of the attractiveness of European universities and scientific institutions. Europe today has over 4000 higher education institutions, with more than 17 million students and 1.5 million academics, including 435,000 researchers. So far, 6000+ Indian students and academics have benefited from Erasmus Mundus scholarships,” European Union Ambassador to India and Bhutan, Mr Ugo Astuto, told Times of India....
The EU region is emerging as an attractive hub for Indian students with many choosing countries such as France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Finland, Spain, Portugal, The Netherlands, Ireland and Austria for higher education. The EU Erasmus + programme - European Region Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students – which was established in 1987 by the European Union to fund education for students from across the globe and encourage partnerships between universities and countries, has supported several Indian students. The Indian students selected for the Erasmus Mundus 2022-2024 batch will have the opportunity to study and conduct research in at least two universities located in different European countries and obtain a joint, double or multiple degree. The fully-funded scholarship will cover participation costs, travel costs and living allowance of the recipient. With a budget of €26.2 billion (Rs 2,096,94 crore) for the 2021-2027 period, this is the largest programme in the world for student mobility and an important project for collaborative funding, according to a press release from the delegation of the EU to India.

Ravi, the lead German instructor and Director, Solomon Languages states that with the possibility of virtually free education, great job prospects and a terrific standard of living, Germany is turning out to be the "promised land" for Indian students. To fully take advantage of this scenario more and more students and working professionals are doing German courses with us and many have already got seats in top class German Universities and are doing really well there ...

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