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Solomon Institute of Languages & Soft skills

We offer a Wide Range of Services pertaining to French, German, English & Training!

Solomon Languages is a multi-lingual foreign language institute that specializes in the three official languages of Europe  viz., French, German and English. Our mission is to empower people to communicate fluently not just by learning a language but by understanding the culture and ethos of people of the respective countries as well. 

Towards this we help corporates, educational institutions and individuals  gain expertise.  We offer Orientation courses for European Projects, Translation & Interpretation Services as well as Leadership, Team-building and Motivational Sessions.  Our courses/workshops are designed and customized to equip the learners to perform well in a global environment.  Our instructors and study material  are top notch and are internationally accepted.

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Solomon Institute offers various options for companies such as tailor-made language courses and e-learning solutions towards improving your employees’ overall or business language skills.  Courses are available for German, French,  Business English,  Communication Skills and various other Soft skills. 


We don’t just help your employees bridge the language barrier, we also help the trainees understand the nuances of the cultural realities in these countries.  The employees are trained in the etiquette, customs, dress codes, do’s & don’ts  in social and business environments, greetings and mode of address pertaining to the area where the language is used.


We can also assist you in recruiting the best French & German talent suitable for your process.

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Translation Services

Our Institute boasts of language professionals  of high calibre who have served in various sectors and in multiple roles.  Human translation by experienced professionals ensures that there is accuracy in information delivered.  A wrong choice of words can easily break a deal and therefore it becomes imperative to choose people who have worked in similar roles.  Our Chief Translator has worked on softwares such as Trados, OmegaT and comes with years of domain experience in automobiles, publishing, logistics, education, accounts, recruitment and travel.   

We can translate any type of content from German or French to English to enhance your business growth, increase efficiency and strengthen compliance.  Our work is highly professional and we work within strict time-frames and deadlines.  


Interpretation Services

Solomon Institute offers  professional interpretation services in French / German / English by our experienced interpreters.  These services can be provided online as well as onsite.  Conference Services and Training-Product Services with our experienced interpreters will pave the way to success in your global meetings with foreign clients. Domain specialized interpreters can be provided based on the client’s requirement and the complexity of the project.
You are required to contact us at least a week in advance to fix the schedule.


Accent Neutralization

Solomon Institute offers Accent Neutralization and Accent Reduction courses to individuals and companies  to enable employees to speak without the influence of their mother tongue.  It is a pre-requisite for companies dealing with overseas clients. We have a customized approach towards developing a neutral accent.  We will create a personal awareness in our learners  of their English / German / French accent and pronunciation so that they can continue to address accent reduction and hence refinement.


Counselling & Motivational Courses


Our experienced professional,  counsel your teams and aid your HR / Projects / Marketing / Operation teams in dealing with customers or clients from French / German Speaking countries across the globe.  We also assist you in recruitment of knowledgeable language resources to suit the specified company role.  We also conduct counselling sessions in colleges to enlighten students on the advantages of learning foreign languages.


Custom-made courses to motivate students, employees towards a brighter future will be conducted by our directors.  Training will be based on a visit followed by discussions dependent on TNI  / TNA and appropriate courses will be designed to suit the client’s needs.

Students and Teacher in Classroom

Faculty Empowerment Programs

In an effort to transform teachers into professionals and leaders, we offer the latest methodologies in training towards improving and empowering teachers.  Courses currently offered are:

  • Classroom Management

  • Utilization of Multiple Intelligence to augment Teaching

  • Activity Oriented Teaching 

  • Communication & Spoken English Training for Teachers

Outdoor Study Group

German (A1-C1)

Learning German is not tough. Despite all jokes, if you are an English speaker you already have an advantage as both German and English share the same Germanic root. Germany is  a gate-way to high class education, having been a land of innovators and inventors, it now offers great education to students at their world renowned Universities at very low tuition fee. 

It is also a useful language for professionals and business men as Germany is the biggest economy among the European Union as well as being the home of many economic global players such as Siemens, Volkswagen, Audi, Diamler, Adidas, Lufthansa to name a few. Knowing German will greatly enhance your career opportunities as English, French and German are the three official languages of the European Union.

National Assembly

French (A1-C1)

Bonjour!!!  Learn French easily in a course that suits your need!  We aim to provide high quality French training with top quality trainers.  The course will develop all four skills of listening, reading, writing and speaking.  Learning French will help you communicate with many people in Europe, Canada and countries of Africa, as it is the 2nd most spoken language in the world. 


French courses are conducted for adults and employees who would like to study French for business reasons or to pursue their education or work in France. Our strengths remain Personalized attention, Interactive methodologies of teaching, and Premium training Material.

Classmates in the Library

Spoken English for Individuals & Corporates

Communication is the main skill that sets you apart and is a life skill.  Being able to communicate well in English is mandatory in this globalized world, if you desire to move up the path of success in your career.  Language is the key to Communication.  

Our Spoken English classes are divided into 6 levels from Beginner to Advanced and is designed to empower individuals and employees to communicate better within the CEFRL standards, incorporating adult teaching methods. We regularly update our learners through webinars, you-tube videos, blogs and exercises  on google class rooms. 


We also aid French & German natives to learn the English language. 

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