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Spoken English & Soft Skills Courses

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40 hour course - Levels A1 to C1

These courses are designed for students and professionals to improve their Spoken English skills, thereby enabling the necessary communication at work. The course also prepares you to succeed at the next level of your job search.  Upon completion of this course our students have been able to create a niche for themselves in their workplace and some of them have landed better jobs as well.  Courses are conducted as per the CEFRL levels from Beginner A1 level to Advanced C1 level. Your level is determined and a customized course is provided just for you. 

We also conduct Online Spoken English classes for native French and German speakers as we have expertise in English, French & German.

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Courses are tailor-made to suit the level of the trainee.  Therefore, these courses can be just for 5 hours to 40 hours depending on your need and your present ability.  Communication Skill does not include only your ability to communicate through words, though your ability to converse well in the desired language is very important.  In these courses we also develop your non-verbal communication skills, teach you the importance of intonation, body language, developing friendliness and empathy as well as listening.  Basics of written communication and telephonic conversation will also be focused upon.  This allows you to speak confidently, build  a rapport within your team, your clients and your management and enhances your professional image. It is a top-skill that recruiters look for.



Communication is the most important skill that is required in students as they leave educational institutions and get on to work places.  It is a life-skill.  Apart from developing Spoken English Skills, we work on the children’s confidence, pronunciation, non-verbal communication, intonation, clarity, public-speaking, logical thinking as well as the basic grammar required at this young age to ensure correct usage of English. This skill when learnt young, keeps developing and becomes a habit.  It moulds a young boy/girl into a confident, positive person who is willing to collaborate, work in teams and adapt to every situation.  Learning is Fun in these classes.  Activities play a major role in imparting learning.  We encourage your wards to join our young learners and blossom into multi-talented individuals.  Online classes are in progress due to covid-19.  Regular weekly classes will be conducted at our premises once/twice a week.

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Soft Skills: Courses


Soft Skills: Testimonial

Monisha Selvaraj

Software Engineer, Tambaram

I had a great experience in the Spoken English class. She addressed my every problem in English and gave the best support and training to improve my knowledge in English. She is an epitome of a perfect of English language teacher.

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