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IELTS Preparatory Courses

We have Customized Courses for Both (Academic & General Training) Modules
Our Trainers are Master IELTS Certified Trainers from British Council
Experience and Know that we are a Class Apart!

IELTS: Courses


Joiners aspiring to get over 6 plus band-score but have a very basic level of English knowledge will undergo a pre-intermediate course to enable them to develop their ability in all four skills of Reading, Listening, Speaking & Writing.   Students from vernacular (native Indian language) medium who may not have the requisite development of all 4 skills in English are recommended to do this course in case they lack in any or all the four mandatory skills of testing.


This course is for a 60-hour duration and prepares you with direct/online classes on the four skills of Reading, Listening, Speaking & Writing with regular assignments, course material and feedback on google classroom.  Individualized care is provided to each student and their progress is monitored.  Discounts will be provided for groups of three belonging to the same level.


This course is meant for those planning for the 8 band for which at least a minimum 6 level in every skill (L, S, R, W) is required in the entry test conducted by the institute.  Smart classrooms with work designated for individuals on google classrooms brings teaching to a higher level.  Individual feedback with focus on exact areas where improvement is required is given throughout the course.  Regular practice tests with feedback and individualized training are the pillars of our training and success.  We take pride in your success!


Depending on the student's level in that particular skill, customized skill training for both Academic and General Training students can be provided.  The normal duration of each of these skills will be between 20-30 hours for Reading / Writing / Listening / Speaking.

Interested in learning more about our courses?

Students desirous of special individualized training should be willing to dedicate designated time for study and development at whatever level they are.  Classes will be time bound and customized to suit the learner’s level and needs. 

IELTS: Testimonial

Alexander M 
Clinical Business Executive-Nestle, Chennai.

I have started my Spoken English class two months back in 2019. I am currently working for Nestle Health Sciences. After attending the classes I have developed confidence in myself. Now I can deliver a speech in front of my senior managers and colleagues in office. I am much better than I was in the past. I have recently started learning German A1 level in this institution a month back (Dec 2019) because I intend to broaden my job prospects. Both English and German trainers are well experienced in various sectors. Both trainers provide individual care to each student and focus on their areas of improvement. I highly recommend this institution to all who really want to learn. They ensure overall development of an individual under one roof.

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